Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is this thing on?

My name is Julie Andrea and I am a blog addict ... reading them that is.  So, here is my first attempt at a blog, it's 1:30 am and I am heading off to bed now, Frosty is waiting for me, more to come in the near future.

Good Night and hugs, if you want one,

Julie Andrea


  1. Hello Julie Andrea! Hope you'll pause from all that blog reading and post again sometime :)

  2. When I went to school--in the 1800's--they taught reading AND writing! Don't be afraid HA! I'll bet -grin!

    Thanks for going to the bottom of the GOOGLE page to reach my blog. (I was always at the bottom of that reading-writing class!)

    I try to post every night between 11-12. When do YOU try to post? Hmmmmm?

    Anyway, all in God's time...just what I believe anyway. BTW, the same way you got to "steveroni"--a God Shot--who knows, I think we should NEVER underestimate--and never limit--God! (Sound like a preacher? Oboyoboyoboy, if they only knew!)

    Blessings to you, Julie!
    Steve E.

  3. Without an address I cannot write you, but I have some thoughts

    1. I blog every night, about 11 PM
    2. Could you not blog once/weekly? Maybe?
    3. Hard to blogroll someone if they don't blog!
    4. Are you addicted to anythng else, drugs, alcohol, food, smoking, gambling, other than "reading blogs"?
    5. I would not double-dip, but it seems 'unbusy' enough here at the moment. So please excuse....

    Steve E.

  4. I love the picture of Frosty...so beautiful!!!

    Who took the picture? You? Awesome lighting affect on her eyes.

    Keep on Blogging...